Siemens TI 505/555

TI 505/555

Siemens TI 505 / TI 555 (previously known as Texas Instruments) systems are rack based, medium to large size PLC Systems. Most of the TI 505 applications are found in process industries, but these systems were also used in other applications. TI 505 was originally developed by Texas Instrumentation and after the acquisition, continued by Siemens.
3rd party units have been developed for the TI platform by the company called CTI.

We have an extensive range of spares available for both the TI originals and CTIs for the TI 505/ TI 555 platform:

  • CPU Units
  • Memory modules
  • I/O Boards
  • Backup Batteries
  • Racks
  • Power supplies

Check for available spares from our Web Shop or contact our sales people.

Lifecycle Status

Established: Early 1970

Product lifecycle status : Obsolete

Programming with TIsoft or FastTrak Workshop 505

System Upgrade Option

Upgrade to S7 or PCS7 is possible. Programs can be converted. CTI products are also an option depending on the nature of the application, and future requirements.

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