Siemens S7

The Siemens S7 product series comes with the following PLC Platforms:

  • S7-200 for small applications
  • S7-300 for medium size applications
  • S7-400 for large scale applications
  • S7-1200 for NEW Installations to be used in small scale applications
  • S7-1500 for NEW Installations to be used in large scale applications

Components for S7

We have all the needed components to build new or maintain your existing Siemens S7 application:

  • CPUs, Racks, Power Supplies
  • I/O Modules, Communication
  • Field Bus Components, Connectors and Cables
  • Memory Cards and Backup Batteries

Lifecycle Status

Established : 1995

Product lifecycle status : Current

Programming with Siemens Step 7 or TIA Portal

S7-200 programming is done using Micro Win software

S7-1200 compact unit at the top and S7-400 rack based system below