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Control Logix / Compact Logix

Control Logix is one of the most powerful PLCs available from Rockwell Automation. The PLC platform is rack based and slots have the capability to operate in a hot swap mode. Wide communication to upper and lower levels makes the system flexible to use in all kind of applications. Integrated safety systems and redundant applications are also possible.

Compact Logix has a lot in common with Control Logix. One of the biggest differences between the platforms is that Compact Logix has a stackable structure, whereas Control Logix has a rack architecture. 
Compact Logix is the more suitable for medium-size to standard applications.

Components for Control Logix and Compact Logix

We offer many options, from Factory-New and Surplus components:

  • CPUs
  • Racks
  • Power Supplies
  • I/O Modules
  • Communication
  • Field Bus Components and Connectors
  • Memory Cards
  • Backup Batteries

All Products (New and Surplus items) come with 12 month warranty

Control Logix product codes start with the prefix- 1756

Compact Logix product codes start with the prefix- 1769 (some exceptions do occur however)

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Lifecycle Status

Established : 1997

Product lifecycle status : Current

Programming with RSLogix 5000