Factory Reboot Service

Factory Reboot

From time to time factories have a reason to halt production. In most of the cases production shuts are pre-planned, whereby maintenance and production personell take care of the restarting sequence and protocols. In the cases when the stoppages take longer, factory automation may need to be rebooted. The reboot may sound easy but when systems have been without power for a longer time ( more than 6 months ) extra caution needs to be exercised.

Depending on the factory layout, our reboot service may include:

  • Controlled PLC rebooting
  • Scada system checkout including workstations and communication
  • Operator Screen repairs onsite
  • Safety system checkout
  • Drive system checkout and VSD reloading sequences

We have seen factories which have been in " cold " for a sometime (years) and when someone switches on the mains, there have been a fireworks all over the cabins and the drive centres. 

Our Service Technicians can help your factory reboot to be done in a controlled and secure way

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Back to 1980 and something. CPU ( on the left ) is actually AB PLC2 but made in West Germany. Need help on rebooting ?