Allen-Bradley PLC5

The PLC5 system is a rack based, robust PLC system from Rockwell Automation.  It has been used in large scale applications in different industries with great success. PLC5 came into the market in the mid '80s and the design was based on the Allen Bradley PLC2 series. Even today, PLC5 platforms are used to run thousands of different factories around the globe.

Product series details

Since this platform has been on the market for decades, these products have seen a lot of development. CPUs like 1785-L20 has the series "letter" after the backslash at the end. This letter specifies which series of production.  There is also a "letter" before the backslash to specify additional communication ports.

Some example of product code reading:

  • 1785-L20/E
  • 1785-L20E/E

This example may look confusing. However the first E before the backslash specifies the added communication port (which in this case is the Ethernet) and the letter after the backslash specifies the product series.

In PLC5, the last manufactured CPU series is F.

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  • I/O Boards
  • Backup Batteries
  • Racks
  • Power supplies

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Lifecycle Status

Established: 1986

Product lifecycle status : Becomes Obsolete Summer 2017

Programming with RSLogix 5