Allen-Bradley PLC2


Allen-Bradley PLC2 is one of the oldest PLC systems still used in factory automation. The first PLC2 configurations had separate CPU modules ( PLC2/20 or PLC2/30 ) located in an external enclosure. This enclosure included the power supply, CPU board and separate memory modules. Communication between CPU and I/O rack was done with a dedicated bus system. At a later stage Allen-Bradley introduced the PLC2 CPUs, which could be located in I/O rack in the first slot.

We have an extensive range of spares available for PLC2 platform:

  • CPU Units
  • Memory modules
  • I/O Boards
  • Backup Batteries
  • Racks
  • Power supplies

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Lifecycle Status

Established: 1978

Product lifecycle status : Obsolete

Programming with Terminal or AB 6200 DOS based software

PLC2 system with CPU located in I/O rack. This system has been running 30 years with zero system faults. Think about that ...